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  • K-SY-408 program software LEDplayer V2.4.3 demo
    Posted on: 2020.01.08

    LEDplayer is a very professional program software for seekway controller, K-SY-408 is a easy using but powerfull SD card controller, it has 8CH output, can drive 1024*8 pixel single-wire Pixel chip, compatible almost common pixel control IC, like 1903, 2903, 2904, 6812, 2811, 2812, 16703, etc.

  • RF mini led pixel strip light controller
    Posted on: 2019.06.01

    RF mini led pixel strip light controller

    14 key / 14 key with DIY function / 21 key

  • mini IR RF remote controller for dream colour strip light
    Posted on: 2019.06.01

    Mini IR/ RF dream color strip remote controller, control up to 1024 pixels, compatible with amlost all single cable SPI IC.

  • K-1000C SD card cobtroller make special pattern on pixel screen
    Posted on: 2019.06.01

    16*16, 8*8, different shape LED pixel screen controlled by programmable SD card controller K-1000C.

  • SY-408 professional pixel light controller with pixel screen 16*16*4
    Posted on: 2019.06.01

    This is 16x16 pixel screen *4 pcs, controlled by programmable SD card controller SY-408.

    SY-408 has music control function.

  • SP105E bluetooth connection pixel light controller, one phone control two controller
    Posted on: 2019.06.01

    One smart phone control 2 SP105E dream colour strip light controller via bluetooth connection.

  • SP105E bluetooth connection pixel strip light controller
    Posted on: 2019.06.01

    SP105E is bluetooth connection controller, APP is Magic-LED, can control up to 2048 pixels.

    1 phone can control more than 1 control at same time.

  • colorful X1 pixel strip light controller
    Posted on: 2019.06.01

    Colorful X1 is a pixel strip light controller, with music control function, 500 pixel support, compatible almost SPI ICs.

  • LEDedit-K V4.0 programming demo
    Posted on: 2019.05.29

    LEDedit-K is the progamming software for T-1000s, K-1000C, K-8000C and other SD card SPI controller,

    easy LED map, easy decert effect, easy installing,

    popular used in Small and medium light show project,

    compatible with all SPI IC and DMX system.

  • Sp107E demo with 16x16 pixel screen
    Posted on: 2019.05.29

    SP107E is bluetooth connection LED pixel strip light controller, pixel strip light is also called dream colour light,  digital light, addressable light,16x16 pixel screen is built with SMD5050 LED light sources which was built-in control IC WS2812b.

  • Mango magic LED pixel LED controller
    Posted on: 2019.04.12

    compatible with Google home, Alexa, Ali Genius, Voice control function

  • SP107E bluetooth connection musical pixel light controller
    Posted on: 2019.04.12

    Bluetooth connection, music control,

    with built-in Mic, can adjust the light changing to the music rhythm.