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Why there is some LEDs can not light up when I use WiFi musical controller VSS-02-2K
The publisher:WORLD UNIQUEEN      Release time:2019-07-22

when you use our VSS-02-2K-DMX512 musical WiFi connection controller, if you choose patterns 04-09, you will find there is always some LEDs at the end, or head can not light up,

Because these patterns is going to display the audio spectrum on pixel screen, when you conenct many rows pixel light, each row LEDs is one channel of audio spectrum, it will light up LEDs instead of the height of audio spectrum, when this channel is higher, this rows LEDs will light up more, but always can not light up all of this row,

If you set whole reel strip light as one row, For example, if you set 20 IC/m *5M light as W=100, H=1, then whole strip light will display as one channel audio spectrum, some LEDs will always can not light up, thanks. if you want to get more actively pattern, please try to set your light as some groups, like you can set your 100 IC light to W=10, H=10, thanks.


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