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(TC421) How to do if the Save & cancel button disappear when add a new mode
The publisher:world uniqueen      Release time:2018-01-22

If you meet the problem with using one of the PC software Timecontrol or LEDcontrol (including V2 and V2.1) to program the TC421 time sheet,

like: the save & cancel button disappear when you add a new mode, or wrong text display,this is often caused by incompatible Windows system languages,

at this time,please do as follow:

After clicking the "+" button, please enter your mode name,

then press the "Tab" key,

and then press "enter" key to instead of click the "ok" button.


Or please try another control soft vision, thanks.

《Timecontrol》(the lastest vision):

《LEDcontrol V2/V2.1》:

there is also other help doc on our website, please view the SUPPORT-Technical Services to find more,and if you find any other problem in using TC420 and TC421, please contact us, thanks.

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