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about RGBW wifi controller UFO
The publisher:worlduniqueen      Release time:2014-08-12

(A)    How connect the LED Controller torouter By One-Click WPS?

(A)    No router,how operate LED Controller inSingle Mode?

Answer:1. Connectphone to controller WiFi signal “LEDnetxxxxx(If you cannot find that signal,plstry to reset controller.
2. Start "Magic UFO" app,you will find that controlleritem.Then,click it and control it.

(B)     How reset your controller?


(A)    How connect LED Controller to router bysoftware

1.      Connect phone to controller’s WiFi signal”LEDnetxxxxx”

2.      Start Magic UFO app,you will find thatcontroller item after scanning

3.      Click "Settings" on the upperleft corner,then enter the "Settings" view

4.      Click that controller item to enter"Device Settings" view

5.      Please check the Check Box "Link toWireless Router" in "NETWORK MODE"

6.      Click your router item,then type thepassword and press "ok"

7.      If last operation works well,App willprompt "The Control Box is restarting,please wait...",When connect torouter successfully,controller link light(

) will keep onglowing.

(A)    Why LED Controller can’t connect torouter By One-Click WPS?

1. Please make sure that router has started WPS function.If not,pls open WPS functionin router setting page
2. After opened WPS function,if you still cann’t connect it,please movecontroller and make sure distance between controller and router is less than3m.Then,try to restart controller and router one time;
3. If you don’t know how to start WPS function,pls refer point 3(How connectLED Controller to router by software?)to set up.

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