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CS2803-30LED-Black Addressable Break-point Continue LED Strip
CS2803 led have 2 data signal ,one is DI,one is BI,so , one led broken will not affect another led unless two consecutive led is broken , so CS2803 led make digital led project is more reliable than ws2812b/sk6812.
  • RGB Pixel Strip Light—IC Built-in CS2813 Digital LED Strip

    1.Each SMD 5050 has an IC(CS2813) inserted in ,each LED individually address controlled

    2.The most adavantage is one LED broken will not affect the other LED’s signal transmission

    1. Addressable full color led strip

    (CXS2803)——CS2803 IC built-in 5050 RGB LED chip.

    2. Individually control :1 IC & 1 LED chip.

    3. Standard Reel Lengt: 5 meter/roll, also can be customized.

    4. Cutted: 1 integrated RGB LEDs per segment, can be cutted per 1LED.

    5. Sticky: with 3M adhesive on back side for sticky.

    screw+silicon clip, or 3M adhesive back side.

    1 meter led strip Specifications:

    1, light source: SMD LED;
    2, IC Model: (CS2803 IC, 1 IC control 1 LED lights);
    3, Gray level: Level 256,
    4, LED number: 30 lights/meters,9W/M, every 1 led for a group, you can cut;
    5. Luminous angle: 120°;
    6, luminous color: can be adjusted by the controller, white, red, yellow, blue, green, etc.
    7. Standard working voltage: DC 5V;
    8. Power: 2w±10%/m;
    9, waterproof Grade: Not waterproof (IP33), dispensing (IP65), casing (IP67), casing solid filling glue (IP68), etc.
    10, our company can provide matching magic color controller and power supply
    11. A data line, two power cords, 10MM wide white board, 256 levels of gray, can be achieved through the controller arbitrary effect. Can also be achieved, text, numbers, English, pictures, animation, and so on.

    Main Features
    1. Control principle: An IC control 1 LEDs to form a circuit (a group), the controller controls the circuit inside the FPCB through the IC, thus controls the different effect of the LED strip change; such as flashing, chasing, jumping, , water, simulated lightning, etc. the effect of this section is not limited to the current controller built-in 94 kinds of effects, can be written according to customer needs, in the form of screen can be displayed, text, letters, pictures, animation, and so on.
    2, environmental safety: The use of high-quality SMD 5050 LED. It has the characteristics of small power consumption, low heat generation, no glare, shock resistance and so on. Low voltage DC 5V power supply, high safety and reliability.
    3, Long life: the average life expectancy of 80,000 hours.
    4, cutting, welding convenient freedom: Each group of LED can be composed of a circuit, the above tangent to arbitrary truncation and welding to meet customer requirements of the various length requirements.
    5, Soft: The use of soft FPCB plate for the substrate, can be arbitrary docking, bending, cutting and arbitrary fixed in the concave and convex surface.

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  • Custom Lengths Available:Yes

    Input Voltage:5VDC

    Max Power Consumption:9W per mtr

    LED Quantity:30 per mtr

    LED Classification:Pixel RGB SMD

    IC Type:CS2803

    Viewing Angle:120°

    Standard Reel Length:5mtr

    Operating Temperature:-20 ~ +60°C

    Storage Temperature:-40~+80 °C

    IP Rate:non-waterproof,IP65,IP67,IP68

    Material:Super slim flexible PCB

    PCB Color:Black and White both avaliable

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