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SP107E new Bluetooth connection LED pixel light controller with music control function
- Bluetooth connection - Almost all SPI IC support - Up to 960 pixel - 200+ built in pattern - Power off setting save - Music control function - AUX input - Pixel screen support
  • Features:
    APP remote control:
    Via Buletooth connection, both IOS and Android two platform support.( IOS 10.0 above and Android 4.4 above needed.)
    Long remote control distance:
    Up to 20m distance controller via Bluetooth.
    RGB order changeable:
    you can choose the right option of RGB order to your light, make sure right color display.
    Support almost SPI IC:
    suupport almost every kind of one-wire and two-wire LED driver IC, like SM16703, TM1804, UCS1903, WS2801, WS2811, SK6812, LPD6803, LPD8806, APAP102, APA105, DMX512. TM1913, P9813, P9813, INK1003, P9435, P9411, P9413, TX1812, TX1813, GS8206, GS8208, SK9822, TM1814, SK6812-RGBW, P9414, P9412 ETC.
    Support more pixel:
    UP to 960 pixel support.
    Built-in Dynamic mode:
    Built-in 18 kinds of LED strip music effects + 30 klinds of LED matrix music effects + 180 kinds of non-music loop effects.
    Strip mode and Screen mode support:
    When strip mode , set 960x1, when screen mode: set W*H<=960<>
    Wide voltage support:
    DC5-24V support, easy to connect to almost pixel light.
    Power off setting memory function:
    When power off, it will auto store the running pattern, when power ON again, it will continue.
    AUX input:
    With AUX cable, you can input music control order without ambient noise interference, and do not affect the output music to the speaker with the AUX transfer cable.

    Download and install the APP:

    Both IOS version and Android OS version are available. (hardware should support Bluetooth)
    Requires IOS version 10.0 or later;
    Requires Android OS version 4.4 or later;
    Search “LED Chord” in App Store or Google Play or scan the QR code to download and install the APP.

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  • Specifications:

    Working temperature: -20℃~60℃
    Working voltage: DC5V~24V
    Working current: 18mA~45mA
    Remote distance: 20M
    Product size: 85mm*45mm*22mm
    Product weight: 40g

    Package content:

    1x LED Magic Bluetooth Controller

    Do you need any more help? Please leave message to us!
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